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You of course are responsible for your interpretation. The poster did
not say anything that was offensive, you are quite right. His
mentioning that i'm ranting, flailing, etc., is simply useless
information.  What is the useful purpose of such comments then? From
my perspective, it is a waste of time. So your words are not at all

After a while you get used to how different people respond.

There is someone who posts to another group that I read that
often uses the term 'stupident' in replies.  Some might take
it personally, but after a while you find that he treats everyone
about the same.  Also, most often he does know what he is
talking about, technically.   (If you google for stupident and
newsgroup it probably won't take too long to find.)

Somewhere I have seen a recommendation that people read a newsgroup
for six months before writing their first post.  It seems likely
that the fraction that actually follow that is near zero, but
it would give you time to understand the different types of
answers you get from different people, and what you should
and should not take personally.

-- glen


Quite true. I don't have that kind of time to monitor a news group.

My experience here is not at all about taking thinjgs personally. It's
reasonable limits. It's not reasonable to intermix meaningless
comments along
with helpful suggestions, or worse, post a message that, in the case
of this
board, has nothing to do with fortran troubleshooting. but is
meaningless information
such as tha's what you get for messing around with old code, as a
hypothetical example.
That might very well be what I get. I understand that. But pinting
things like that
out, minus any actual usable information is useless.

All I can do is pint out that uselessness of such information when
it's posted, and if
it continues, that's certainly the poster's right. It's also on the
record that the
information is useless and unwelcome. And I have made such comments to
postings hat were
in direct response to my posts.

I couldn not care less what these types of listmembers post elsewhere
in response
to other member's posts.

It's no big deal to me, and that's why I don't take it personally.
It's like not voting
then bitching whn the government isn't doing things right. Well, you
gotta speak up :-)

So I speak up. It might not help, but I've done all I can.

If course, we can't get to where we take NOTHING personally because
that's neither healthy nor human. You just can't
internalize things, feel singled out, or believe that others' opinions
of you (collectivel) equals your reality.

There should of course be a half dozen or so people whose personal
opinion of you, matters. But not many beyond that. Everyone is
entitled to their own opinion and I'm entitled to disagree with it and
vice versa. Many people get into trouble when they take a
difference of opinion personally. Become offended, huffy, and so on.
It's no more than what it is; a difference of opinion, where
the operative term is difference. Different is not bad, it's just

Interesting stuff.