Re: VMS support but Iget this error

On 6/12/2010 12:22 AM, e p chandler wrote:
You forgot option #4. Do the project in COBOL. This language does
support indexed files but then the math would be a real bear.

Sorry to bring up COBOL, but part of this problem has the flavor of a
fairly typical business D.P. task involving data conversion and data

Actually, I thought about COBOL, but as far as I know, commercial COBOL compilers tend to be expensive, and then there's the learning curve for COBOL. There's OpenCOBOL, but I get the impression the OP would be more comfortable with a more mature product (if there's a problem, guess who gets to learn C). I could be wrong, of course.

Actually there is some important information we don't know. What is the
format, layout and structure of the database that the OP has on his PC?
Is his data really transferred from a VAX, byte for byte? If so, is
there METADATA known by the operating system that is NOT transferred?

Some of this information should be embedded in the file, and $ANALYZE/RMS might be useful here. Perhaps the OP could ship the file to a VMS system where some kind soul could do that and perhaps $CONVERT it to a flat file if necessary.

I suspect that the data actually exists in some other form, possibly a
formatted text file or maybe even a CSV file.

One can always hope.

If so, then the OP may be able to use parts of the posted program for
the record structure and formulas. But then he must code ALL of the
programming logic himself to use what standard Fortran does provide:
sequential and direct access files, either formatted or unformatted.
(forget about stream for now.).

The OP is about to learn more about this application than he ever dreamed possible.