Re: code speed moving from fortran 77 compiler to f2003 compiler

e p chandler <epc8@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there some practical way to run individual routines though a
checkout compiler so that you can at least find those variables that
are NOT initialized?

IIRC Watfor had this capability. I don't know about Open Watcom.

I once ran a few thousand line program through WATFIV to find
uninitialized variables. Compared to Fortran H it compiled about
ten times faster, and ran about ten times slower.

I realize that this is a monumental task, but it's sort of like the
national debt. It just keeps getting bigger, it's too large to fail,
and eventually it will have to be dealt with.

It would be a nice feature to have in at least one compiler.
Another possibility would be a source to source translator
that would take Fortran source as input and generate Fortran
source with the appropriate checks as output. In this case,
it would have to initialize all variables to some rare value,
and then IF statements before every access to check for that
value. Not easy, but not so hard, either.

-- glen