Re: "Double Precison" Keywords?

robin <robin51@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
(snip, I wrote)

| IBM S/370 and successors support 128 bit (extended precision)
| in hardware.

but not division in the case of S/370.

IBM did a cost/benefit study, and found that DXR was used rarely
enough that a software implementation was the best choice.

The did reserve the opcode for it, such that when it was
implemented in ESA/390, programs would be ready for it.

| The VAX architecture includes it, but allows for
| software emulation by the OS to support it. VAX compilers, then,
| assume that the hardware supports it, whether or not it does.

| Other than IBM, is there other hardware currently, or recently,
| in production with REAL*16 support?

REAL*16 is a non-standard.

It is supported by the IBM and VAX compilers, though.

-- glen

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