Intel Compiler Reimbursement Fund

Because I have purchased an Intel Fortran compiler, I received an
email about a legal settlement against Intel, described below. It is
related to an FTC action
where Intel was required to

"disclose to software developers that Intel computer compilers
discriminate between Intel chips and non-Intel chips, and that they
may not register all the features of non-Intel chips. Intel also will
have to reimburse all software vendors who want to recompile their
software using a non-Intel compiler."

Details are at

"On November 2, 2010, the Federal Trade Commission announced its
settlement with Intel Corp. Under the terms of the Decision and Order
Intel has established the Intel Compiler Reimbursement Program.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the
Intel Compiler Reimbursement Program?
The Intel Compiler Reimbursement Fund will compensate developers who
meet the following conditions:

1.Purchased an Intel Compiler; and
2.Relied on Intel representations as to Compiler availability,
functionality or effectiveness when using an Intel Compiler to compile
code to be executed on a compatible non-Intel X86 microprocessor; and
3.Based on Intel's representations, incurred expenses to recompile
code using a non-Intel compiler."

<my comment>

I have not used non-Intel chips and have no claim to file. Intel
Fortran is a good compiler, and I hope Intel remains in the Fortran
compiler business for many years (and standards) to come. I just
thought this would interest some c.l.f. readers.