Re: Another Fortran forum (without the spam)?

On Apr 20, 9:31 am, Daniel Carrera <dan...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Things I have yet to learn:

7) How to get freakin Thunderbird to flag some posts as Junk and
automatically delete/ignore/kill/nuke them. I keep hearing in this
thread that it is so easy to setup filters... well, I must be an idiot
then because my Junk options on Tbird are greyed out when I go to CLF
and I cannot find any way to turn them on.

Caveat: it's been several years since I've used T-Bird
regularly, so things may have changed a bit...

1) I'd recommend erasing the ideas you have of
"mail" when thinking about usenet. Rarely are
articles stored on your usenet client machine.
That's why the idea of "deleting messages" or
junking them doesn't get you very far. The
articles are stored on the nntp server machine
and only sent to your nntp client when you go
to read them.

2) My T-Bird habit was to use Read/New. You
can easily setup filters that mark messages from
individual users (spammers) as "read". Then you
don't see them at all when you Read/New.

3) Similarly, for any new thread you stumble upon
that is spam, you can mark it as "read".

I happen to agree that it would be nicer not to
see the articles that you're filtering at all, but
the above gets you pretty far along (or at least,
it worked well enough for me :-).