Re: Google -originated spam is now 99.7%

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Terence <tbwri...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For information.
(Yes, I also use a reader to avoid this).
My point is that the newbie seeking help may very well be put off, if
his only information is to search in Google groups.

How about an FAQ or people posting articles to the Fortran Wiki to help newbies?
For example, Users who prefer screen-based GNU-Linux/Unix tools might find that
 all they have to do is:
 1) register at a newsserver such as
    This can take under two minutes.
 2) Get their username and password in their e-mail giving them access to
    their Usenet server, if required (E-S usage requires this step).
 3) Using the above-mentioned example server (a free service) type:
       tin -g -p 118 -A comp.lang.fortran

    Play with the arrow keys, return key, and tab key or read the man(1)
    page for tin(1). Quickly set up filters by moving onto annoying messages
    and entering ctrl-K and adding filters for things such as "without a
    prescription". Customize to your heart's content by entering "M".

Tastes vary tremendously, and many users might prefer a GUI-based system, I
am sure.  CygWin users will have a harder time than this
if they want to post responses (they have to set up their mail, which I find
a good number of CygWin users do not bother doing because they already have a
mail GUI in MSWindows); but simple instructions like this might prevent this
forum from being ignored by many who could benefit from it.

Plus I am wondering, if someone is willing to moderate another Fortran-related
Usenet group, why not ask him to moderate this one? Earlier posts alluded to

All other languages I use have active FAQs, moderated newsgroups, very active
repositories of donated software, and community-supported Wiki's or web sites.
It saddens me that I can not say the same for Fortran.

I already moderate (with trailing
This c-l-f group was set up in Usenet and is not organised for
(And I have a tiny repository of some once-famous Fortran programs).
Google groups which ARE moderated don't accept spam, even self-adverts.