memcpy equivalent in Salford Ftn95


I need to copy some data of varying data types between some already
allocated memory segments.

With Intel Fortran, using the Win32-API (USE KERNEL32) and calling

CALL CopyMemory( dest, source, size )

works fine. (CopyMemory is just a #define for memcpy in the windows

In Ftn95 however, I cannot find CopyMemory, memcpy or any equivalent
function in the include files.

Traditional copying via array indices is not possible either, since
'dest' and 'source' are not real pointers
but INTEGER(LPHANDLE) -- INTEGER*8 in Ftn95 -- containing memory
adresses returned by other
WinAPI functions.

Any ideas? Is there another way to directly copy memory in Fortran?
I got some 'hmemcpy' function in WINDF95.INS include file, including
this file does not work however.