Re: Is passing via rank-1 assumed-size array legal?

On 4/27/2011 11:00 AM, Jacek Dziedzic wrote:
On Apr 27, 4:55 pm, steve<kar...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Given you have access to non-PGI compilers, it would
be prudent to use their debugging features. With
gfortran this would be use of the -Wall -fcheck=all

I have these (and similar for remaining compilers) turned on
during development. The thing is, the problem does not occur
with other compilers, so the availability of other compilers
doesn't help me.

That is a rather strange position to take. Do you want to get your code checked out and running, or do you want to prove that a particular compiler stumbles in compiling your code? If the latter, you should take up the issue with the compiler vendor.

-- mecej4