Re: About the ide for fortran used by you.

On Tue, 03 May 2011 13:06:36 +0200, Daniel H wrote:

If you want Eclipse only for your Fortran coding, the version 'Eclipse
IDE for C/C++ Developers' will do - that's the one I used.
Alternatively, you could of course download the 'Eclipse Classic' or
'Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Linux Developers (includes Incubating
components)', but they both include many components which you probably
don't need at the beginning.

I've found that the eclipse 4.0 is available, so what about this one:

By saying the SDK, does it means that this one is a all-in-one package
for eclipse? So the CDT also included in it?

If I've downloaded the eclipse-SDK-4.0-linux-gtk.tar.gz, than the only
thing for me to do is the following:

Installing on a Machine With Internet Access

To install Photran, start Eclipse, then...

Click on Help > Install New Software...
Click on the "Add..." button
In the Location field, type
Click OK to close the Add Site dialog. This will return you to the
Install dialog.
Expand the category "Fortran Development Tools (Photran)" and check
the box next to the "Fortran Development Tools (Photran)" entry in it
If you are running Linux and have the Intel Fortran Compiler
installed, or if you are on a Macintosh and have the IBM XL Fortran
compiler installed, expand "Fortran Compiler Support" and select the
appropriate compiler. Note that you cannot install Intel Fortran compiler
support unless you are running Linux!
Click on the "Next" button
If you get an error message, see below for troubleshooting
Click the Finish button and agree to the license to complete the

Am I right?

Then follow the installation instructions for Photran on

They are very detailed and worked out of the box for me. Make sure you
read it carefully first, then proceed step by step.

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