Re: Need a FORTRAN compiler for Win7 (or XP)

On 8/16/2011 4:30 PM, dpb wrote:


Looks like you would want


BTW, as others have noted; Fortran Standards have maintained backward compatibility of most features since F66; even those features which have been deleted or deprecated since F90+ have almost universally been retained by various compilers.

OW is no different in that regard; it is a F77-compliant compiler and has many extensions beyond; what your code might have used is anybody's guess and will depend on what machine/OS/compiler(s) was/were used.

You'll simply have to see what is actually in the code; the easiest way is to first just throw it at the compiler and see what it complains about then see what you have to change either in the source code or in options within the compiler if it happens to support either used extensions or obsolete features.

There are some things that will possibly be painful but there's no use speculating until one has actual data to look at (namely either source or better yet, error diagnostics to go with the code)...

I'd give OW a shot, certainly...



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