Re: Why Fortran Still Matters (Steve Lionel interview)

On 2011-09-25 16:30:36 -0300, Richard Maine said:

Gordon Sande <Gordon.Sande@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On earlier PCs I had a nice commercial boot manager that had the nice
feature that it would default to the last OS used and one only had to pay
close attention when changing OS. All the current ones I have seen lack
this feature. Maybe someone can suggest one I have missed.

The one I use doesn't work like that, but I do find it convenient for my
use. Might not be so for yours. It is called bootchamp (don't overlook
the "h"). It facilitates my usual mode of operation, which is

1. I always first boot into OS X, which is what I'm usually using.
2. If I want to go to Windows, select the "Restart into Windows"
option in bootchamp.

I never change the default boot setting.

This might sound pointless, as I have to boot twice to get to Windows,
but I actually find it a big improvement. What it saves is having to
wait during the boot for just the right time to press the magic key
combination to select which OS to boot. I just tell bootchamp to go to
Windows and I can walk away, say to refill on caffeine (or empty out, as
the case may be), while the reboot happens. I used to end up booting
multiple times because I'd be distracted and miss the right timing to
hit the magic keys. No more worrying about timing.

Don't know whether it would help you or not.

Wandering a bit OT for Fortran, I admit.

I was hoping for a PC bootmanger with memory to switch Windows versions
or Linux versions on my PC. Linux and EFI booting seems to be more sporting
than I currently care for on my Mac. My guess is that the current bootmanagers
are trying to not change the disk so end up foregoing the useful feature
of memory (as well as several other neat things the old System Commander did).

On the Mac I would settle for some utility that lets me change the active
MBR partition from MacOsX. Not having to set the startup disk back sounds
nice. Probably not the most convenient on MS patch day with its multiple
Windows reboots.

I am releived that I am not the only one who does not like having to
pay attention to a long string of boot screens before getting to make
a choice of which OS.