Another note about KDP-2 and its source code (not a sales pitch)

Hello from Engineering Calculations,

Things are changing in the world of optical design software.

ORA (CODE-V) was purchased by Synopsis (not Don Dilworth's design

Focus Software has merged with Radiant. (ZEMAX)

Optikos no longer actively markets ACCOS-V but it is still available.

Don Dilworth's code is (as I understand it) still available.

None of the frist generation optical design code developers are
getting any younger and some have passed on to the great loss of the
optical design community. I'm 66. Healthy but 66.

Many other professional codes have faded into the background. There
may be other codes under development for commercial sales but I am not
personally aware of their names or capabilities.

When I began writing KDP in April 1987, I wanted to have it used as
the in-house proprietary code at the aerospace company I then worked
for. I was unsuccessful in selling the idea to my management there or
at the next company I worked for. I continued to develope KDP for my
own use in specialized situations where the commercial codes of the
day were not easily adaptable for the unique tasks I needed to
perform. The analysis of segmented primary mirror telescopes (for
example) was most easily done by writing code for these optics since I
had full control of the FORTRAN source code of KDP. KDP was even used
to simulate and understand the EARTHSHINE problem that was found to
exist in the VIIRS NPOESS sensor. A paper with yours-truely as a
co-author is available on the net from the primary author Mr. Stephen
Mills of Northrop Grumman Space Technology.

I want KDP in its second version (KDP-2) to be available to anyone who
needs an optical design and analysis program and is not able to
purchase one of the other commercial codes and does not want to write
their own code from scratch. KDP is a vastly flexible code which even
has a seperate NSS raytrace and optical system database which was
added to model an optical time delay system based on a reflective
optical system called a White Cell (Named after the inventor circal

KDP-2 is for anyone anywhere who has the ability to download it from
my website at It may be freely downloaded with
the its executable, auxilliary files and the full unabridged FORTRAN
source code and documentation files. I use Intel Fortran 9.1 and the
matching version of Lawson Wakefields Winteracter library for its user
interface and graphical presentations.

I encourage anyone to download it, use it, change it, upload it to
other servers for others to download. It may be used as an in-house
code or it may be used as the beginning of any new optical code by
anyone. Anyone to me means individuals, companies or governments
anywhere on our planet.

For those who want my help, I sell that to supplement my retirement
income but I have so many other interests that I hope KDP-2 is used
for free to give people with an interest in optical design and optical
analysis a path forward in their endevors.


Jim Klein

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