Re: is real*8 a standard declaration style?

On 30/10/2011 7:34 p.m., Richard Maine wrote:

Well, I suppose that's fine for your purposes. But a restriction to
"your world" seems of limitted relevance to other people. After all, it
wasn't you that asked the question in this thread. If the subject was
your own code, never to be used by anyone who didn't live in a
simillarly restricted environment, that would be one thing.

But when other people ask whether something is standard and wonder
whether it will cause problems in porting between different compilers,
then I think it a lot more important to address those questions than to
note that there exist people for whom those questions don't matter.

The answers to those questions are: No, the assumption that double has
kind 8 is not standard, and yes, it will cause portability problems if
one makes that assumption. Some of the compilers for which the
assumption is incorrect are not exactly rare. They might not be ones
that you happen to use, but then as far as I'm aware, the advice wasn't
directed at you. I am also *VERY* confident that, say, my mother won't
ever be using any Fortran compilers for which double is not of kind 8
(or any Fortran compilers for which it is of kind 8 either... or
compilers for any other languages either... she's really not computer
people, using one for little more than occasional email and very light
word processing). But my mother's limitted exposure to the world of
Fortran compilers doesn't seem like very good basis for restricting
answers to people with simillar exposure.