Re: Is comp.lang.fortran dead?

On 12/5/11 5:06 PM, glen herrmannsfeldt wrote:
dpb<none@xxxxxxx> wrote:

(snip, I wrote)
None of the other groups I read gets this drug spam,
though I don't know why CLF would have been a choice for it.

I see it (somewhat lesser, but similar patterns) on some others.

Which ones? Maybe we can find a pattern.

Last September I picked a couple of common spam phrases from the posts and did a google group search. Only about 5 groups had the phrases. c.l.f,, and 3 others. It was surprisingly (to me) limited. Which might be why google doesn't do much? I just sent a note to news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx about the spam. In the past, they've been remarkably quick at suppressing the stuff once they know about it. I think my message is to contact you newsfeeder and complain POLITELY (nobody likes to be shouted at!) with a couple of examples. I don't know about google, but all of the other newsfeeders I've dealt with have tried to do the right thing.

Dick Hendrickson

One other (also computer language related) gets innundated w/ offshore
athletic shoes (I presume counterfeits) in similar way as clf gets the
drugs. Why any one group for a particular type of spam I've no clue but
seems to be a feature...

Many years ago, I was getting much Chinese spam e-mail.
(which I couldn't read). Sometime later, I decided that it came
from posting to the *.*.java.machine (I forget the *) group,
and someone collecting addresses from all groups with chin in
the name. No guess on the connection between fortran and drugs.

-- glen