Re: F format for reals

Now that every person I expected to have a go, did, I'd like to add this:

If I read "optional" in the user's or reference manual of a Fortran
compiler, I eEXPECT to be able to choose what will appear, not that the
compiler seems to toss a coin and decide for you in each case.
Sometimes I could not find a cast-iron simple method, hence my use of
internal writes and deliberate insertion of the sign and leading zero when
needed, before writing an output character string.
At least, this allowed me to use two different compilers and get the same
visual result.

The problem I referred to, is that with the compilers I was using, the word
"optional" appeared, but I found no way to actually force the issue of
leading zero. In one the case the combination of w and d in Fw.d made a
difference as to whether the leading zero appeared ot not, or else the
appearence of w asterisks to indicate the runtime editor felt it could not

Hence the work-around I mentioned.

I applaud John Harper's practical approach of testing several compilers.