Good Gerber Viewer?

From: Ralph Malph (
Date: 01/08/04

Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:28:07 -0500

I have downloaded a couple of free Gerber Viewer and none seem to be
ideal. GerbMagic has a few nice features, but it is not free (I guess I
could spring for $130), but it is very crude in a lot of ways.

I have used GCPreview before (quite a while back) and it is still free,
but it does not have an easy way to measure things and some other things
are a little clunky. Maybe I have gotten used to the odd interface of
Eagle... But it is nice in that it saves all the layers and drill info
in one format.

Others that I have tried in the past were pretty poor and often were
only demos. Are there any good, free gerber viewer programs I should
know about?