Re: embOS for M16C - your experinece (MITSUBISHI SUCKS)

From: Markus Zingg (
Date: 03/03/04

Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 23:12:13 +0100

>Using the M16C ? Mitsubishi hates developers and never admits anything -
>even their own engineers complain that management is asleep !
>Have your looked at Alfred Arnold's site in Germany on the 16C and high
>quality FREE tools Misubishi is too arrogant to consider ?
>And there is also then problem of getting chips. Does Mitsubish
>actuallly SELL cheaps or simply have fantasies and making endless power
>point presentations or their US distributer Advande Diamond DELAYS ?

I routinely work with this chip and so far none of the problems you
describe apply here. Support is great, availability is great,
documentation is acurate and at least as good as any other
documentation from competitors.

All in all I think this whole familly of chips is plain and simple
great. You have a good scaleability and there is even a pin compatible
32 bit variant of the chip etc. etc.

I don't work for Renesas. I'm just a happy user.