Re: Agilent now dumping its U.S. employees -- I'm going to boycott them

From: rickman (
Date: 06/09/04

Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 01:52:53 -0400

CBFalconer wrote:
> Alan Balmer wrote:
> >
> ... snip ...
> >
> > Your real life, perhaps, not mine. I have a Hewlett Packard
> > LaserJet 4. It has served me faithfully for 11 years and many
> > cases of paper, at the cost of replacing the toner cartridge
> > twice. How many $69 printers will you go through in the next 11
> > years? How much will you spend for ink?
> To me, anyone who uses an inkjet printer has been sitting in the
> sun too long without a hat. I have a Samsung ML4500 I bought
> about 4 years ago, for $199, on its second toner cartridge. I
> have printed 12,000 plus pages on 3,000 plus sheets, mostly as
> booklets, according to the statistics on my FinePrint driver.
> Total cost, excluding paper, about $250.
> The ONLY reason for inkjets is for color printing, and the
> propensity to clog when rarely used makes that doubtful.

Then how do you do color printing?

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