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Date: 07/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:51:43 -0400


"Sean" <no.spam@no.spam> wrote in message news:40FD4750.3FF97994@no.spam...
> I have a client who is currently using a NEC V-25 at 16 MHz.
> This micro is no longer adequate for several reasons:
> (a) it's no longer manufactured, and (b) his expanded application
> requirements need more computing power.
> Can anyone suggest a replacement. Here's what we need:
> * At least 20 address lines
> * Can't be "PC-based", including PC-104. (ie it can't resemble
> an x86 any closer than the V-25.)

Yes, I can suggest a replacement: a 683xx or Coldfire processor. It has a
clean architecture,
no messy segmentation to deal with, and a plentiful supply of tool vendors:
SDS in Illinois,
HI-TECH,ourselves and others whose names I can't bring to mind at present.
> * 16-bit preferred

The registers are 32 bit but you can use them 16bit-wise; use the ".w"
on instructions.
> * at least 33 MHz or better (66 MHz preferred)

I think it can meet that.
> * reasonably priced and well supported development tools.

That really depends on whether you mean supported or maintained. If you
want decent support, a vendor is going to have to charge at the very minimum
to be able to afford this without charging extra. If you mean "currently
maintained", that is a different question.

> (perhaps like AVRGCC for Atmel from

If you want to go for GCC tools, you'll have to frequent GCC user groups to
get help.

> Any help appreciated

Not at all,

Dave Bardon, Avocet

> Sean

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