Re: porting linux on 16 bit controller

From: Andreas (
Date: 01/15/05

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:04:01 +0100

I don't know, if it is really possible. But it is quite interesting and
I have thought about it, too. It would be the most energy efficient
linux micro :-) and relative powerfull as well (up to 16MIPS), if we
compare it to the 68EZ328 ( with
typically 2MIPS. One would have to create a hardware abstraction layer
and try to simulate a 32 bit register with 2 of the (enough) existing 16
bit registers. Programm-memory and RAM has to be extended with I/O ports
parallel or SPI. Then one must write a kind of software MMU, that loads
and stores memory segments out of / to the external memory.


anurag wrote:
> Is it possible to port linux on 16 bit controller made by texas
> instruments name "MSP430".How much ram and flash we needed to port
> linux.

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