Buffer-OP on the input of the ADC

From: Frida (friost_at_foi.se)
Date: 01/17/05

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 10:24:09 -0500

I am using an ADC from texas instruments, ADS8344, and I have been
recomended to use an op-amplifier on the inputs of each channel (I use the
ADC as single ended), to work as a buffer or drive amplifier. I have seen
on some general notes on the internet that the distributor usually have
som op's recomended for different purposes regarding the circuit. But I
can't find anything on Texas's homepage. Is there someone that have used
the ADS8344 (or ADS8345) with op's on the input?? Is there someone who can
recomend a specific op for the purpose?? I guess the op should just be an
amplifier with gain=1, and a non-inverting amp. (I have a amplifier
together with a balancing part and a filter before this.)

Thank you in advance!