PSoC questions

From: Dave Boland (
Date: 01/31/05

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 15:42:08 GMT

I need to have a plan to replace some parts from an IC
supplier that seems to have supply problems. On of the
approaches I'm starting to consider is PSoC to build the
peripherals I need. Since I'm very new to this technology,
I would appreciate an pointers to information on mixed
signal devices (general info., suppliers, etc).

The requirements are:
* ADC 12-bits, 8 or more inputs, single/diff. input,
        speed > 200KS/S
* DAC 12-bits or more, 4 outputs or more, settling time < 5 uS
* GPIO 32-bits or more, output mode drive low current LED
* I/F Either SPI or fast parallel (near memory speed)

A processor is really not needed, but can be used if available.