Wanted: Scrap QFP and leadless chips, bad PC board prototypes

Date: 02/04/05

Date: 4 Feb 2005 06:20:17 -0800

I'm trying to test a homebrewed IR-reflow solder controller. Basically,
this is an add-on that gets hacked into a consumer toaster oven. It
uses a temperature sensor aimed at the bread^H^H^H^H^Hboard tray to
determine the approximate surface temp, and a microcontroller to handle
the heater PWMing and profile timing. You enter the soldering profile
on a keypad, hit "start" and walk away - in theory.

However, I've run out of unwanted boards and chips. I'd be interested
in acquiring any unwanted, non-functional *cheap* devices and scrap
PCBs that have appropriate land patterns on them. I'm mainly interested
in TSOP, TSSOP, TQFP/PQFP/MQUAD (44 through 208 pins), but I'm also
curious about MELF and similar packages.

I'd prefer unstuffed PCBs but can deal with desoldering and cleaning if
I have to. FR4 is the only material I'm attempting to qualify.

Although I don't intend to use this on BGA packages, I'd also be
moderately curious to test the controller on BGAs if there are
devices/PCBs available. (I have access to X-ray facilities to check the

If you have suitable scrap materials for sale, please email me!