AT91rm9200 Devel. Board (Student Project): Choice of OS??

From: Mayank Kaushik (
Date: 02/07/05

Date: 7 Feb 2005 08:43:41 -0800


Im a senior undergrad working on a project to develop an
AT91RM9200-based development board, which will be my final undergrad
project. Till now, i have been working on interfacing stuff to this
controller, setting up its internal peripherals to build interfaces for
a final development board.

Nows the time to start thinking about having an OS running on the final
product. To this end, ive been looking for an OS which would fit the

Obviously, the first choice was ARM-Linux. It is whole-heartedly
supported by Atmel for this particular uC im using. But the quandry im
faced with now is that it looks like theyve already done everything
thats needed for the OS to be run on this uC..seems like i just have to
add enough storage for the OS to breathe in, theyv taken care of the
drivers etc for the peripherals..theres nothing left for me to do! am i
right in thinking so?

Comments on the above are invited.