enabled Clock in Microwire

From: Venjamin,P (hanjava_at_nate.com)
Date: 02/11/05

Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:29:14 +0900

Dear all.

I tried to make a microwire controlling module in OMAP.

First, I tried to change some register value to be defined in OMAP spec.

I found one bit(CLK_EN) in the regiter called "setup register 3".

Then. this bit is set.

But, I don't get any UWire.SCLK value in Microwire.

How do i enable a clock in Microwire?

And, I have a question about TDR and RDR.

I tried to load a TDR in Microwire.

But, I don't load any value in TDR.

Why is this problem occured?

Thank you for your help.

Good Luck.

Venjamin, P.