Announcing Samplify for Windows: high-speed sampled data compression

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Date: 02/13/05

Date: 13 Feb 2005 07:42:28 -0800


Samplify Systems announces the availability of Samplify for Windows, a
new PC compression application that demonstrates Samplify's unique
lossless and lossy compression capabilities for sampled (numerical)
data, such as samples from A/D (or for D/A) converters. Samplify for
Windows compresses at 10+ Msamp/sec on a 2 GHz Pentium and achieves 2:1
compression on many bandlimited signals, regardless of center
frequency. Samplify for Windows demonstrates the performance of
Samplify's compression engine, which will be available in FPGAs and
DSP chips in 2005.

Samplify for Windows is available for free (full functionality during a
30-day evaluation) and as shareware ($49.95) from

Target applications include signal capture boards, signal generator
cards, medical instruments, test and measurement equipment, wireless
sensor networks, signal transfer and storage networks, and high-speed
A/D and D/A converters.

Try Samplify for Windows on your PC, to see how well your signals
samplify (compress). If you like Samplify's compression results (at
10+ Msamp/sec on your PC), contact Samplify Systems to get identical
results using your FPGA or DSP, at sampling rates up to 100 Msamp/sec.

Wanted: signals to compress

Samplify Systems is looking for signals to compress: sampled data from
A/D (or for D/A) converters, streams of numbers, matrices, etc. that
aren't currently being compressed, to determine how well Samplify
compresses such signals. Samplify will compress "traditional"
sampled data, such as speech (PCM, 8 ksamp/sec), audio (WAV, 48
ksamp/sec), and image (TIFF) files, but such signals already have
effective compression solutions (ADPCM, MP3, WMA, JPEG, etc). Instead,
Samplify is targeting high-speed sampled data signals that haven't
been compressed (or compressible) before.

Samplify compresses streams of numbers (integers) that represent
real-world signals, signals for which no effective compression
solutions have been available. If the following bullets describe your
signals and/or systems, please try Samplify for Windows:

You would save money by reducing signal storage or network traffic
You've never tried to compress your signals before
You work with bandlimited (oversampled) signals, where the sampling
rate is at least two times higher than your signal bandwidth
Your sampling rates are reasonably high (5+ Msamp/sec)
You system already contains an FPGA (Xilinx, Altera) or DSP (TI,
ADI, Freescale) in the signal processing path, or you are planning to
use FPGAs or DSPs

After trying Samplify for Windows, please send us an e-mail
( describing your signals, and let us know what kind
of compression ratio or rate-distortion curve you got using Samplify
for Windows, and whether you plan to use lossless (SignalZIP) or lossy
(Samplify, NoiseTrak) compression.

More information

For more information about Samplify's new compression technologies,
please visit:

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Download Samplify for Windows:, or

Electronic Design magazine article (20 Sep 2004 issue) about Samplify:

Samplify FAQ (white paper):
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