Re: Timing Diagram Editors

From: James Beck (
Date: 02/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:40:36 GMT

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> <> wrote:
> >Does anyone make a DECENT timing diagram editor?
> >I don't need any timing analysis, just some pretty graphics to help get
> >some information across to some techs that do not speak English very
> >well, and I'm sure the data will be needed for a manual as well. The
> >timings are in milliseconds, not ns and my googling has led to some
> >pretty expensive dead ends. Jim
> "Timing Diagrams" suggests to me very simple line graphics that many
> programs could produce. You do not say for what environment/OS, but
> these few would cover DOS/Windows/Unices:
> Visio, the built-in graphics in MS-Word, Dia, the Gimp, OpenOffice's
> Draw, Karbon14, Skencil, QCad, Xfig, and any low end 2D CAD program.
> (You can probably find old DOS CAD software for less than $10, old
> versions of Autosketch, TurboCad, etc.)
> If you do not need any "timing analysis" (whatever that means,) what
> are the requirement for timing diagram editor?
> Roberto Waltman.
It is pretty simple line drawings, BUT it has to a little more than draw
lines and such. The ability to specify exact positions on a timeline is
just about a must, or you spend hours doing manual editing of edges and
text. It is possible, but there are easier ways to do it and time is
money. The "timing analysis" part is pretty obvious if you have done a
look at what commercial products are out there.