Low cost TCP/IP platform

From: Gavin Jacobs (notasnoball_at_inhell.com)
Date: 02/20/05

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:58:09 GMT

I'm about to do some work with UPnP. The platform I need is described below. Any suggestions?

The specs are:
a) Any small embedded microprocessor c/w a multitasking OS and a TCP/IP stack
b) 10BaseT Ethernet interface
c) A few discrete I/O and a 1Wire interface for the Dallas temperature sensor

The development specs are:
i) Any free or open source compiler (C preferred, but will consider C++ or Java)
ii) Open source UPnP stack (SSDP, GENA, HTTP, etc.)

So far, I have found several possible hardware platforms. They are:

Modtronix (http://www.modtronix.com).
PIC micro, Ethernet, TCP/IP all for about $60.
Good price, but doesn't appear to have a multitasking OS.

Gumstix (http://www.gumstix.com)
CPU, Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Linux for about $160

TINI (http://www.maxim-ic.com/TINIplatform.cfm)
CPU, Ethernet, TCP/IP, and OS for about $110