Is Jungo WinDriver useful for PLX 9054 driver development ?

From: Loo Ding Hean (
Date: 02/25/05

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 12:06:29 +0800

Dear All,

I am using PLX PCI-9054 on a new compactPCI based design,
the host PC is running on Windows 2000/XP, whereas the
local CPU is a FPGA.

If I have already ordered PLX SDK with a working WDM driver
included, is there a need for me to do any additional
development work on the WDM driver ?

Is there a need to buy the Jungo WindDriver ? Jungo claimed
to have ready made functions that PLX WDM driver doesn't.

Any comments are welcomed, I am a newbie into WDM driver
and PLX 9054 chip.

Ding-Hean Loo.