Looking for embedded Module with a VGA port


I am looking to buy an embedded microcontroller board with the following features:

1) Small (something like PC104 or smaller)
2) Direct connection for VGA monitors with graphic mode of at least 640x480 pixel, with at least 16, preferably 256 colors.
3) CPU power needed ist something in the ARM7/ARM9 or 80486 range
4) Relatively low powered (~3-4 Watt max.)
5) Pc compatibility not needed, but is an advantage
6) Not too expensive (200 ~ 300 USD max.)
7) A single PCB solution is preferred over stacking a CPU board to a VGA board, like in a PC104 system.

Most important for the project is point 2), direct VGA connection. Thanks to anybody for suggesting a solution.

Best Regards