Re: AVR boot loader

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> On 31 Mar 2005 01:43:44 -0800, tamilmaranz@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >good day everybody,
> > I am using boot loader for downloading the firmware through
> >serial port. Now i have the one for Atmega 163 microcontroller. But i
> >want to make this one for Atmega 128. I did some changes on the code
> >(the code which i got from Progressive Resources LLC .... Boot16_32)
> >now it is working fine , but if my code exceeded 64K it is not mapping
> >correctly to the particular address . some time i used to get the error
> >massage that FILL ERROR. please give some suggession to make this code
> >work for atmega 128 for large file?. thank you.
> Check the datasheet. Look for the ESPM instruction and RAMPZ.
> HTH,
> -=Dave

hi Dave,
thanks for your suggestion , we fix that problem. Now we can
able to acess the entire 128K byte through boot loader. But we are not
able to read back the contents of the particular memory address from
upper 64K bytes. Our entire code is about 82k. After that we are
loading some structure starting from 0xB400 which are around 20 K. But
we are not able read back the structure.
Even after setting RAMPZ as 0x01 , our code is still accessing from
the lower 64K byte. Do we need to do any other additional settings to
access the upper 64K ?
thank you