Re: Understanding PIC machine code

Byron A Jeff wrote:
> In article <1113399677.766847.132060@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Pokey <slow_mac_modem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >I'd like to write my own PIC compiler because there isn't one on the
> >Macintosh OS X platform.
> Incorrect assertion. The gputils suite at certainly
> under Mac OSX.
> Here's a link from the first page of a google search for "gputils
> You really really don't want to write your own assembler. Scott
Dattalo and
> Craig Franklin have been working for several years on this toolchain.
> don't want to start from scratch.
> OSX has a fundamental UNIX core. Virtually any console base Unix
> can be finagled to compile under OSX.

All true. gputils is not only portable but it has excellent MPASM
compatibility; it's a great solution for UNIX based PIC development. My
code assembles and runs equally happily whether using MPLAB or gputils.