Re: avr-gcc : .bss always set variables to zero ?

In article <3cv5skF6m64rsU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Not Really Me wrote:
> Stated simply, if you need something to be zero you should specify an
> initial value or declare it static

No; "static storage duration" does not only mean "with the
storage-class specifier static." Note the "or" in section 6.2.4 you

"An object whose identifier is declared with external or internal
linkage, OR with the storage-class specifier static has static storage

According to 6.2.2, a non-static global has external linkage:

"If the declaration of an identifier for an object has file scope and
no storage-class specifier, its linkage is external."

And thus has static storage duration, and thus is initialized.

John W. Temples, III


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