Re: Passive RFID Technology ?


> I want to keep track of delivered components automatically. It looks
> like RFID tags (Passive) should be a viable solution. Are there any
> sort of standards available so that one do not have to use products
> (Bot scanners and RFID Tags) from a single vendor. If possible I would
> like to connect a reader module to a small embedded node that provides
> the invormation via some sort of network to a central node, which then
> can provide this information to a database running on a standard PC.

have a look at

and especially the

I tried one of their readers with tags and thew send the recognized tag
number just over serial port.
You can also contact the email on top of
for details ! Sorry for german page, but i think it is helpful.

I have no connection to this company, beside using a product of them.