Re: Compact flash transfer rate (w/microcontroller)

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 14:45:04 +0200, Haldo <haldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>In my application I need to store about 120KB/sec, so if the whole
>operations lasts some ms, I should be just fine!
>As usual any comment, suggestion or discussion is welcome!
>Thank you!Aldo


With those CF cards that you can buy these days 120KB/sec ist
absolutely no problem - not even with a slow 8-bitter.

I.e. on a Rabbit 2000 I achived ~450KB/sec "netto" write speed towards
a FAT 16 filesystem.

The key issue is the sector IO routine. Here it's well worth the
effort to use assembly if your controller is slow. I.e. formentioned
R2000 only did ~100KB/sec useing 'C' code and the Zworld compiler.