Re: how to generate time delay

"John Douglas" <jdamja@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Thanks all for your input. My intention is to generate a digital
> pulse train using hardware logic chips. (I am trying to create
> hardware to read a ROM and load into RAM. I am using the datasheet
> from a 93C46 eeprom, as that is cheap and small and is all I will
> need.)
> I now understand there must be a better way than using one-shots to
> generate a delay.
> By further quantizing the signals by using various dividers off of a
> single clock I have reduced my problem to one: I still need a delay,
> but now it can be treated as a phase offset. So, if I have signal A
> and signal B of the same frequency, how can I make signal B be out of
> phase by 180 degrees.

I don't understand the question. An inversion == 180 degrees.

> (The differentation using the inverter shows two inputs to the
> inverter. I don't understand that? And where is the clock into the
> flip-flop?)

Two inputs to the inverter? I'm sorry, again I don't understand. Are you
sure it's an inverter and not a gate?