Re: Zilog whinge

"Paul Burke" <paul@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I need a whinge. Bloody Zilog's so-called ez80 software has been running
> me ragged for over a week. The code executes perfectly on the
> development kit, crashes on the target. Running off with the fairies,
> Program counter pointing anywhere.

> Snip

> Paul Burke

If it's any consolation it can be just as grim with the expensive toolsets
as well.

I've been using the IAR C toolset for AVR and selected the large (ie
standard) printf and scanf libraries.
I then had to waste an hour of trial and error to work out how much stack
they need (more than 128 bytes but less than 256, no heap).
It doesn't say in the documentation (printed or on line) and they never
phoned back when I rang them.

So cheer up, you're off on your hols and the Zilog tools cost about 5% of
what I paid IAR.

Michael Kellett