Re: MiB, GiB (was Re: The pendrives cannot be formatted with fat32, why?)

Bibico Cando wrote:
> Thanks for the good explanation.
> But why are you so allergic to top-post,?
> I find it convenient because I read the thread, not just the answer,
> the question is the part of the solution not the reversed.
> I looks to me similar than those one that came in a discussions and
> do not have a correct idea of what is talking about and think they
> checked the topic...(this happens not only on usenet...)
> Sorry this sounds maybe hard, but
> you directly get the answer !
> Are now new rules on the newsgroup ?
> I now it is almost 10Years I read the NetEti...
> At that time both were allowed.
> Sorry if my post is offending someone, but I would
> understand why top-post is no longer wanted.

Most Usenet groups very strongly prefer bottom (or inline, where
appropriate) posting, and top-posters quite frequently get yelled at.
In technical news groups the prohibition against top-posting is almost
universal, and has always been so. Which is not to say that an
occasional top-post doesn't get a pass.

No matter your personal preferences, you should, at the very least,
have the courtesy to follow the predominant pattern for posts in each
group you post in. And certainly don't top-post a message that has a
bunch of bottom/inline-posted quoted material. Nothing like having to
bounce back and forth to attempt to read the message.

In any event, the subject has been beaten to death, try googling for
"top post usenet".


A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What's a major annoyance on newsgroups?


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