Re: Micro choice with 4 UARTs

<tebbutt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello all,
> I am looking for a low cost micro with 4 UARTS. The requirments are
> quite staringhtforward since none of the ports will be going that
> quickly (4800 baud to 19200 baud) and only a few hundred bytes per
> second on 3 of the 4 ports (with the last port mostly idle).
> I'll also need some simple I/O (about 6 I/O lines should be OK) plus an
> I2C or similar (but that could be bit-banged since there won't be much
> data to pass on this bus).
> Ideally I'd like FLASH and RAM on chip.
> The target volume for this product would be a few thousand per year.
> I know of rabbit and it looks like the latest ATMega2560 would be OK
> but are there any others?

Maxim has a SPI uart