Re: OT, sorry, simple Windoze GUI

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 09:35:56 -0500, in comp.arch.embedded Gary Peek
<mylastname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>martin griffith wrote:
>> I tried to make a little 5 button VB program to chat down the serial
>> port, but its seems I need "the professional VB package" to talk to
>> the comms port
>> Is there a simple way to make a elementary GUI on a XP machine that
>> doesnt have a steep learning curve and can talk to the serial port
>If you want a programming language on which you can expand
>and write other applications I can heartily recommend PowerBasic.
>There are plenty of example programs on their forums that are
>close to what you need too.
Thanks Gary, Guy Macon recommended that as well.

I'll look into it, but I'll see how far I get with Python first