Re: PCI conformance requirement ?

>I'm looking into using a particular PCI peripheral card as OEM
>equipment in a commercial system. PCI interface is based on a PLX
>chip. Vendor's Specification says the board conforms to PCI 2.3,
>however when I asked they told me they do not have a certificate of
>conformance, I gather the presumption is that since the PLX chip
>conforms, the vendor's board "should" conform. And therein lies the
>rub ! Conformance as best I know depends on both the interface chip
>and board attributes such as pullups, trace lengths, proper handling of
>some signal lines.
>Am I being too picky in expecting a board vendor should have a
>certificate of conformance ?
>What is the commercial standard of practice in this regard ?
>Thanks for sharing, and my apologies if this inappropriately posted to
>either group.

I never heard there are some commercial standards of a board.Trace
lengths, proper handling of some signal lines,you can find these in PCI
specifications,but maybe can never find in any board's specifications.
Maybe you can ask them do some tests you care.If they won't or it does not
work well,then throw it.

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