Re: Low cost OTS embedded computer with Etherrnet and discrete I/O?

chrisaotto@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :
I am looking for a low-cost computer platform with discrete I/O
capabilitiy and an Ethernet interface.

I need something in a box / mechanical enclosure ready to use in an
industrial setting.  The application is simple, not very processor
intensive, process some inputs and transmit an IP / Ethernet packet;
receive a packet and drive some outputs. Unfortunately it is very
custom application.  I either need a powerful scripting interface or
the ability to write my own application.  I would prefer not design any
custom hardware or mechanicals as the quantity does not justify it.  If
I could find a platform to both develop and ship it in, that would be

Does anyone know of a product that would fit this niche?   Any help is


Hi, I was searching the same thing myself, as my budget is very low :(

I found the NSLU2 from linksys, which is an ideal platform.
It is an embedded linux system, with two USB2 ports, at 480mbs, and a 10/100 ethernet port, and a serial port (onboard 4 points connector). the processor is a IXP420 at 133MHz, which is basically an ARM Xscale compatible processor, with some extensions.. (can be overclocked to 266MHz , just by removing a resistor), and it runs LINUX. It as 32MB of sdram, and 8MB of flash in standard.
There are a lot of developpement around this little embedded system, search for "NSLU2 linux" on google ..
see this page --->

It is a network storage appliance basically, to share multiple USB2 hardrives via ethernet network.. it only cost around 80euros, (~ 90 USD)
at this price, it is unbeatable :)

The last linux kernel and 2.6.12 are working on it, so every USB2 devices that kernel 2.6.12 supports, are working on it :)
Webcams, usb drive, DVB receiver, wifi cards, USB2 vga cards, and everything that linux kernel as driver for ...

If you nead more IO pins, you can juste add a homemade extension card, with a FT245 for example, or any USB to parallel IO usb chips...

like we say in French... "Que demande le peuple !!!"


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