Re: 4 line LCD drivers in assembler needed.

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>Ian Bell wrote:
>> gobraves wrote:
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>> > I'm new to this users group and my only pre-conceived notion of it was
>> > that it was a resource for embedded systems people. You give knowledge
>> > when you can, and you ask for it when needed. I wasn't aware that this
>> > was an open forum to be rude or insulting. I'm sure there are an
>> > infinite number of blogs where that can be done.
>> > Is civility now dead in geekdom as well? If you don't have the
>> > information, or don't want to share it, isn't it better to say nothing?
>> Everything you say is correct. The biggest insult is the poorly formed
>> question followed by the objection when this is pointed out. If you want a
>> decent answer to a question make sure you give sufficient information.
>> Ian
>> Ian
>It's a shame you consider the biggest insult a poorly formed question.

It's not the "poorly formed question" per se, rather that it may be an
indicator of a lack of respect for the value of other people's time
which could be insulting. Or perhaps it is indicative that the poster
has insufficient background knowledge to benefit from a realistic
amount of effort helping him or her. Either way, it's not helpful to
the ostensive cause.

A well thought-out (too much information is as bad as too little)
polite/respectful query and some indication of what efforts have
already been made to solve the issue on your own are both important,

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