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I strongly agree with David over this. However, I do not believe he has gone far enough. Global variables are **bad news**! I've seen so many problems with their use over a long career, that I eventually decided to stop using them altogether.

How would you, in C, NOT use a global in the following circumstance?

100us counter incremented by an ISR
access needed to read us counter by ALL modules?

When you are dealing with time critical code, you don't have the luxury of accessor functions.
When you have very limited resources (RAM/ROM), ditto.
When you have a VERY limited stack? or no real C stack at all? (ie the stack is emulated by use of registers by the compiler)

I'm not going to argue the point that this is not the preferred/std method of writing C.

Good. What you described, however, are execeptions to the rule ... and there are *always* exceptions. However, the *rule* from a portability and maintainability point-of-view is best served as Peter suggests.

Agreed, however, that in a resource constrained environment,
execeptions are frequently legion.

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