Re: AMD Geode reference design

Ghazan Haider wrote:
> Theyve released reference designs... is anyone selling them? They must
> be cheap since noone is designing it.

Unfortunately, the released layouts (Thin client) are for an outdated
CRT only version of GX. Long term supply is questionable. However, it
is good reference for a new layout. I would suggest to build the one
in the SBC version. Unfortunately, they are not releasing the layouts
for it, I asked.

> If not, can I just send the design to olimex and try to solder the
> parts and be all successful?

Noop, they won't do 10 layers with 5 mils lines and 8 mils holes. We
have to do it in our factory.

> Lastly, will people here be interested in cheaper geode reference
> boards if I do a larger batch? I'm looking at the LX.

Yes, if you build it with the new chip, not the old chip. If you build
the SBC version, I am ready to buy some.


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