Re: KEil bought by ARM

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>> Keil compilers have been bought by ARm.
>One is left wondering why they have done this.
>And yes, I did read the press release.
>Why would ARM want compliers for a load of
>processors that compete with their own?
>Especially as ARM seem to be doing their best to
>alienate their own compiler customers by forcing
>non-compatable upgrades on them at regular

Keil have 8051/251 166 and ARM 7 al in C They have they majority market
share in 51 and 166

>As Kiel have, IIUC, recently releasae an ARM version
>of their complier methinks they are just taking out
>some competition.

KEil's own compiler is C for ARM7. Others have C and C++ for 7,9,11
XScale etc. Mind you their ARM7 C compiler was very good.

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