Re: KEil bought by ARM

In article <XKqXRMCKP$YDFAVN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> With commercial compilers you can usually get the original vendor to
> provide the right version overnight. I have myself provided specific
> old versions of compilers (amended to work with the current dongle) for
> customers in 48 hours and at no cost as they were on support.

I tried to do this recently. I was buying a compiler from
Altium/Tasking to modify/update code on a project a client has licensed.
I wanted to at least start with being able to produce a binary image that
matched the current version so I asked for a quote to include a previous
version ( I thought at least covering media costs was reasonable).

The response I got back was that they couldn't provide any versions
earlier than x (x being a minor differnce from their shipping version).
So this assertion strikes me as overly optimistic.

Don't get me started on dongles and Flex