Re: IP addresses for embedded device with ethernet

Don wrote:

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Again, I think you should try to treat each application domain separately. Develop solutions for each independantly. If you later want to come up with a common code base for *all* of them, then you can bury some configuration switches in the code (possibly not even user accessible) to decide which srategies the device adopts for address discovery.

For example, the X Terminals that I use have *dozens* of
configuration options related to basic configuration (address
discovery, name resolution and bootstrap protocols) as
they tried to be "everything to everyone".  A similar approach
could let *you* be everything to everyone WITHOUT
intimidating them with that long list of options...


Thanks (again) for the information - I'll be keeping a copy of it for future reference. I fully agree that we'll need to use different techniques for different markets - with this thread, I've been trying to gather some general information and ideas so that I know what the possibilities are.

P.S. Look into NetBEUI also.

I was under the impression that NetBEUI was very much on the way out, and not even supported on newer windows (at least, not by default). NetBios over TCP/IP is an option for a local naming services, but I don't know much about its implementation. Is it a straightforward task? I'm only thinking about the naming protocol, not file or printer sharing or any sort of authentication or directory services.