Re: Embedded PowerPC programming book or tutorial?

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>>For PowerPC specific programming, you are should look for a book about
>>low level programming on the PowerPC.
> Yes, it is exactly such a book I am trying to find. It doesn*t seem to
> be existent, though ;(

32 or 64 bit PowerPC ?

If it's 32 bit, have a look at the large range of material on the Freescale
website. For example:

The Programming Environments Manual located at:

If you are looking for 64 bit material have a look on IBM's website; I think
I've seen 64 bit PowerPC manuals on there in the past.

A (very long) link to the PowerPC Documentation section of Freescale's website:;

If you have problems with this link goto: > 32-Bit Embedded Processors > PowerPC Processor
then select Documentation.


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